NI mate Demo at BPM 2012

Recently I’ve been working with a software called NI mate by Delicode. It allows anyone to use a standard Microsoft Xbox Kinect as a performance interface. What you basically can do is to use your body movements and poses to control music / visual performances. NI mate has built-in support for MIDI and OSC, so it should be easily compatible with any music or VJ software out there. We went to BPM 2012 in Birmingham with Julius Tuomisto (CEO and founder of Delicode) to demonstrate the features of NI mate to a broad audience of DJ and music professionals. Check out the video below to see how it went!

We shared the exhibition booth with another Finnish company called EKS and they are currently developing a modular DJ software called The One. It seems they are on their way to deliver a revolutionary DJ software that allows all kinds of custom setups – you can have as many player decks as you like routed to different mixers etc. The release will be most likely by the end of this year, so stay tuned!

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