Sound installation for Partanen & Lamusuo

I created a multichannel ambient sound environment for an immersive visual installation by Partanen & Lamusuo and Delicode.

The installation is named ‘Matrix Layer’ and investigates the dream worlds inside of us. Here’s what Pa-La art blog tells about the piece:

Matrix Layer delves into the world of dreams and dreaming. Through art, it raises questions such as: Can a dream be a premonition of the future? What happens in our minds when we sleep? What do dreams tell us? How dreams are born? In a dream anything is possible; we can find things and skills, which we can only dream while we are awake.


The installation uses Z Vector by Delicode to create realtime visualisations of the depth camera data. It can be experienced at Art Museom of Salo until May 25th. Then it will relocate to Kuopio for the Summer.

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