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Sound Design for Kinected Stories

We kids really love the future of storytelling! I was really fortunate to be part of the amazing Delicode team behind Kinected Stories, a game blending an adaptation of the story of Little Red Riding Hood with some really cool motion interaction. For more information please visit:

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Phantom – Scars (video)

I previously talked about a new band project going to SXSW which I then later forgot to follow-up here. Well the band is called Phantom that is basically me and singer/songwriter Hanna Toivonen. We debuted our Scars EP and played three live gigs in Austin during the SXSW and the trip was an overall success […]

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Remixing David Bowie

I probably shouldn’t have touched the holy grail of music, but I did. And now that I actually did, I feel pretty good about it! Niko from Kitkaliitto also contributed some guitar riffs straight from the world of 70’s Disco Stu. Kitkaliitto presents the space lounge remix of David Bowie’s Space Oddity!

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Kitkaliitto – Twin Suns video

We are happy to announce a new video for Kitkaliitto by Terhi Marttila and Mika Koponen. They shot a stunningly beautiful video by using a cheap Huawei cell phone, without adding any post-processing effects! Guitars are played by Petteri Sariola. Twin Suns will be included on the upcoming album Theory of Everything.

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Machine Head video online

Here’s a video about my project Machine Head for Derek Holzer‘s workshop “Building interfaces for audiovisual performance”. It is an experimental rhythm machine that uses two solenoids to create mechanical grooves.

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Wave-o-Matic (aka UFO) SXSW coverage

As we’ve played few gigs around SXSW parties with Phantom, there’s been quite a lot of interest towards my controller as well. Here are some of the features we’ve found so far: NY1 RVSX Blog Now it’s time to go back home from Austin and start working on this stuff for real…

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