Teddy in the Attic

Interactive Installation | 2011

Teddy in the Attic is an interactive audiovisual installation about a lonely teddy bear in the dark attic. Through the attic window you can see the world outside that is all the time murky and rainy. Being a really fearful bear Teddy likes to be in the close vicinity of the candle light, otherwise he might get scared if it gets too dark. In this installation you can interact with the teddy in various ways: you can put him to sleep, you can make him feel warm and cozy by holding it’s hand or you can make him scared by blowing off the candle. If Teddy is left in the dark for a long time he starts to hear haunting ghost sounds all around him.

All the interactions are physical, for example by positioning Teddy laying on the surface makes him to fall asleep. The installation is made with few simple Arduino sensors sending data to a Pure Data patch.


A video performance will be posted here soon.