Wave-o-Matic at MediaLab Spring Demoday 2012

I presented my Wave-o-Matic project at the MediaLab Demoday this week. Here’s short video of the performance, and I’ll promise to post soon more information about the other projects I worked on during this Spring: Grandma’s Haunted Interior Decoration (interactive installation), Teleportation (8 channel sound art piece) and Grain Room (multichannel sound installation).

Thanks to Juha Kronqvist for a nice video of the performance!

At the moment of writing, I’m at the Arlanda airport waiting for a connecting flight to Reykjavik. I’m on my way now to have Wave-o-Matic presentation at the Raflost 2012 festival. Still hours of waiting and sitting with Wave-o-Matic packed in a nice padded IKEA bag…

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