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Tommi Toivonen (formerly Koskinen), born 1981 in Turku, Finland, is a musician, sound designer and a media artist currently residing in Helsinki, Finland. His background is originally in engineering & computer science (BA), but for the last years he has followed his passion to focus his energy in music, sound design and media art projects. He finished his Sound in New Media MA program studies in Media Lab of Aalto University School of Arts, Design and Architecture in Fall 2015.

Tommi has an exceptional interest in design that is related to sonic qualities of objects and spaces all around us. The spectrum of his artistic work ranges from sound installations and physical device design to experimental electronic music live performances. He feels the modern way of presenting electronic or club music should be taken to the next level by adding aspects of performance and interaction with the audience. In the Media Lab Helsinki he has been experimenting with creating new interfaces for music composition and controlling electronic music live performances.

His works and performances have been shown at Cumulus 2012 Conference in Helsinki, Raflost Festival in Reykjavik, Cabaret Rhizome in Tallinn, Club Transmediale and Universität der Künste in Berlin. He has two bands Phantom and Kitkaliitto and has been playing shows internationally for audiences in Europe and USA. Currently, he is employed with game audio projects at the game studio Kuuasema and, more recently, at Delicode. He is also one of the co-founders of AudioDraft, a company that enables crowdsourcing of music and sound design.

Contact tkoskin (at) gmail.com and ask for a CV.

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