Tommi Toivonen (Production, Songwriting)
Hanna Toivonen (Singing, Songwriting)

“On the press release for Finnish duo Phantom’s excellent second single, Kisses (premiered here), the pair are described as ‘two Helsinki-based music tech-startup entrepreneurs and musicians’. This makes them sound boring, but there’s a lot to love about formally trained jazz singer Hanna Toivonen and beat-maker Tommi Koskinen, not least their ability to turn creeping, nocturnal electronica that could be coolly standoffish in lesser hands, into big, heartfelt ballads you want to curl up and cry in.” – Michael Cragg, The Guardian

“Phantom’s UFO theremin is the best handmade instrument we’ve seen” -NME Blog


Tommi Toivonen
Niko Ryytty
Juha Hilpas