Grandma’s Haunted Interior Decoration

Grandma's Haunted Interior Decoration

Interactive Installation | 2012


Pull the drawers and open the doors of the closet and see the tablecloth and lamps become alive! You can see, feel and hear the grandma’s ghost haunt in the room while interacting with the closet.

The assignment of the course Designing Interactions with Electronics was to create playfulness in everyday objects/surroundings. We wanted to use everyday pieces of interior decoration and ended up transforming an ordinary closet into the audiovisual experience called Grandma’s Haunted Interior Decoration.


Project team:

  • Tommi Koskinen
  • Marie Olofsen
  • Paula Lehtonen
  • Louise Freitas


  • Laptop running PD extended
  • Arduino Uno
  • 2 flex sensors
  • 3 ultrasonic sensors
  • 2 feonic speakers
  • Arrays of LED lights
  • iPhone running the framed animation