Think Corner

Sound Design / Interactive Installation | 2012


Think Corner is a pop-up cafe, lecture space and book store initiated by Helsinki University for the Helsinki World Design Capital 2012 project. It is located on the busiest shopping street Aleksanterinkatu in Helsinki. I worked with three other designers on a task to create an interactive exterior soundscape for the Think Corner. In the installation layers of harmonic and synthesized textures are combined with sounds picked up from the actual environment. This merging of sounds creates a subtle contrasts between the synthetic and organic sonic qualities (science vs. nature). Sometimes the sounds develop a more complex timbre to challenge the people in the hectic surrounding environment.

The intention of the soundscape installation is to give Think Corner a unique presence in the area and draw the attention of the people passing by. The installation uses simple computer vision to collect data from the Think Corner exterior that is converted to parameters for the sound installation. The soundscape is modulated and altered by lighting and color variables of the exterior environment and interactions (such as tram passes by on the street, pedestrians walk past Think Corner, official Think Corner event is about to start and so on).


A video will be posted here soon.

Project team:

  • Tommi Koskinen
  • Simon Overstall
  • Janne Koivula
  • Ranjit Menon


  • Laptop running Max/Msp
  • Webcam
  • 2 outdoor speakers
  • 1 indoor speaker